What is the FDP?

The Frog Developer Platform (FDP) is a set of resources to enable schools to extend the functionality of their FrogLearn environment.

Frog APIs

Frog have released a number of APIs to enable schools to securely access & manipulate certain data within their FrogLearn environment. For a full list of available methods, check out the API Reference.

A Note on Security

Schools have full control over access to the FDP APIs available on their FrogLearn environment. Access to all endpoints described in this documentation is controlled via groups and policies. See the roles tutorial for more information.

Please ensure you check and manage access and permissions accordingly.

When posting information or links on the Frog FDP site please take care to ensure that this does not lead, directly or indirectly, to providing access to any of your own confidential or sensitive data.

Latest Community Question:

notification/send API Question

I've been looking at the notification/send API. I've been able to send a notification to a set user from a drop down list, but not send a message. The HTML widget looks like: ![alt text][1] With the response being: ![alt text][2] The recipient is correct and they do get a notification, just without a message: ![alt text][3] $('.notification').on('click', function() { $('.notification-text').empty(); var notification = self.Lib.Models.Abstract.Fdp.api({ url: 'notification/send', path: '/api/fdp/2/', type: 'POST', data: { recipients: $('#stafflist').val(), message: $('.notification-text').val() } }); notification.done(function(sitesResponse) { console.log(sitesResponse); console.log(sitesResponse.request.params.body.message); }).fail(function() {console.log('Error');}); }); - $('#stafflist').val() refers to a drop down list of staff members - $('.notification-text').val() refers to a textarea widget. Any help would be greatly appreciated, Simon [1]: http://www.theradclyffeschool.co.uk/frog/fdp-images/notification-api-1.png [2]: http://www.theradclyffeschool.co.uk/frog/fdp-images/notification-api-2.png [3]: http://www.theradclyffeschool.co.uk/frog/fdp-images/notification-api-3.png

Simon - VTLE Developer Answer this Question